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“No one approved this message”

February 13, 2009

Time: 12:21pm
Currently listening to the Greenhouse, it’s my playlist on my phone. Real hip hop is a thing of beauty. I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge a few people before I go any further: God, Mr. Bentley (thanks for the lessons at MC), my mom, M (thanks for always pushing me to be more), Star of the infamous Star and Buckwild ( for allowing me to see things with a “hater’s eye”…LOL
As Steve Harvey would say,”Now that that’s out of the way,” You might not agree with my P.O.V., but I’m not doing this for your approval or acknowledgement. I’m trying to do my part and help save the collective minds of children everywhere, but children of color in particular! With that being said, strap yourselves in because Im going in again!
As I stated yesterday, I have become disgusted by hip hop and the overly “coon-ish” behavior that black people have exhibited since Jan. 20th. Ok, so 50 Cent recently has begun to entertain another rapper beef with none other than than bastion of intellect, Rick Ross. Pardon me, but you need to be quite the intellectual to fool an entire state into believing he was the biggest dealer of cocaine this side of Frank Lucas! He might actually be smarter than you, Fif! I’m just saying! Now, I honestly have no side in this beef, but I do find it veery comical. I mean from the baby mama, to the cartoons, to bringing the lawyers out, this is like watching Def Comedy Jam! Rick, just be honest with the people, I mean damn just tell them you were a cop and let it go, the hood may not forgive you, but white folks will! I hope it works out for you two. We must stop the buffoonry now! I’m done talking about this I’m giving myself a headache.
Sidebar: Charles Hamilton, Asher Roth, and the Cool Kids may take over rap soon!
more to come – stay focused
Tomorrow on ravesandrantz: Why we should all hate Oprah, Reality TV, who in the hell told MTV that it was cool to have a crazy black chick on Real World again? Oh and more on Chris Breezy and the Bajan Sensation, Rihanna! This one could go down as the “fight of the century!”
Your Host: EL Hafiz